George Mason University, Schar School of Policy and Government | Arlington, VA, USA
• 2009
•    M.P.P. in Science and Technology
University at Buffalo, SUNY | Buffalo, NY, USA • 2005
•    B.A. in Communication and Political Science, English minor
Clemson University, Master of Public Administration | Clemson, SC, USA

•    Communication Theory and Practice
•    Design for Policy and Collaborative Governance
•    Information Design and Visualization
•    The Media and Public Policy
University of Colorado, Master of Public Administration | Denver, CO, USA                        
•    Information Design and Visualization
•    The Media and Public Policy
Georgetown University,
Master of Professional Studies in Design Management & Communications | Washington, DC, USA
•    Capstone Advisor (Integrated Marketing Communications program)

•    Design Research in Human-Computer Interaction (Proposed)
•    Technology and Innovation Strategy (Proposed)
•    User Experience Design​​​​​​​
George Mason University, Bachelor of Arts in Communication | Fairfax, VA, USA                        
•    Interpersonal and Group Communication
•    Public Speaking
Johns Hopkins University, Master of Arts in Communication | Washington, DC, USA                        
•    Grassroots Communication
•    Law for Communication Professionals
•    Political Communication Campaigns
University of Nebraska, Master of Public Administration | Omaha, NE, USA                
•    Communication Theory and Practice
Villanova University, Master of Public Administration | Villanova, PA, USA                    
•    Administrative Communication
University of Maryland, Human-Computer Interaction Lab | College Park, MD, USA
• 2018–Present
•    Topic: Conduct original research on the intersection of public policy, technology, communication, and design, focusing on the theoretical and historical perspective of new technologies for involving citizens and other stakeholders in the policymaking process.
•    Advisor: Joel Chan
Federal Reserve Bank | San Francisco, CA, USA • 20152016
Digital Strategist
•    Served as a proponent of open government and as a thought leader on technology related issues.
•    Defined bank-wide communication efforts by acting as an advocate for integration of all digital initiatives across the Bank.
•    Developed and created the first system-wide charter for digital messaging protocol and engagement.
•    Developed and implemented near and long-term digital communication goals, strategies, and initiatives in order to educate internal, public and private sector stakeholders.
•    Advised Bank President on principal level prep for media engagement and on the development and delivery of messaging on Bank-wide strategic initiatives.
•    Created opportunities for partnership and engagement by developing external programs that engage key outward-facing audiences.
•    Directed the creation and execution of creative digital properties for various audiences while leading the design of insight-driven strategies from opportunity identification to user experience.
U.S. House of Representatives | Washington, DC, USA • 20122015
Digital Director
•    During tenure served at the House Committee on Financial Services, House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, and House Republican Conference.
•    Areas of policy focus included the opportunities and challenges of financial technology as well as government regulation of the Internet.
•    Developed and implemented Committee-wide digital strategy for all external communications.
•    Lead and organized all backend technical processes for multiple platforms while partnering with developers to create a fully branded and user-friendly experience.
•    Coordinated member services and the development of fully integrated marketing campaigns for numerous House offices by planning, implementing, and evaluating information design systems and digital strategies across multiple channels and platforms.
•    Managed industry-wide digital relationships on behalf of the Committee while identifying new ways to better serve the public.
•    Identified and refined new approaches and techniques in communicating effectively to the public and the media with an emphasis on online analytics and big data initiatives.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development | Washington, DC, USA • 20082009
Special Assistant
•    Served as a speechwriter to the Assistant Secretary for Housing during the George W. Bush Administration’s charge to stabilize the market following the financial crisis of 2008.
•    Acted as liaison between senior administration officials and department program offices while regularly staffing meetings and monitoring reporting systems on the oversight, management, and modernization of the FHA insurance fund’s $600 billion portfolio.
U.S. House of Representatives | Washington, DC, USA • 2006–2007
Policy Assistant
•    Provided policy support to House Committee on Energy & Commerce professional committee staff at hearings and markups while assisting in the analysis of current legislation and related processes.
•    Interfaced with Committee witnesses and testimony on behalf of various policy issues on an as needed basis.
•    Monitored House floor activity as well as relevant committee member offices while maintaining relationships with key staff.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
•    Eagle Scout, BSA
•    Spanish, elementary proficiency
•    U.S. Masters Swimming